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Labor Support Top Shot
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Facilitates a dysfunctional labor by stimulating dilation of cervix

Can speed up normal labors, sometimes resulting in less than a two to four-hour birth in total

Many experience more rapid second stage with baby emerging within a few pushes, also known as the 'fetus ejection reflex' (term by Dr. Michel Odent)

Effective tool to easing the woman into and through transition to pushing

More trust in the process by feeling of weightlessness allows woman to concentrate on letting her body do what it was designed to do

Water labor or birth can result in lower adrenaline, (fight or flight response) levels

Warm water stops false labor contractions

Assists pushing to an easier place

Reaching another state of consciousness where fears and resistances are released or dissolved

Sound of water running or the jets on belly or back create more endorphin secretion

Clean up is easier with less mess

Empowering experience for mother without drugs, no surgical procedure, moving in any position, developing inner strength and power enriching her life forever

Family relationships empowered with mother in less pain; father takes more active role in birth experience resulting in deeper bonding and a more enhanced relationship the rest of their lives

Parent-child interactions are enhanced by a positive experience in her body/mind/spirit, less painful, gentle approach in bringing child to the planet

Reduction of Cesareans

Mother or father can more readily catch her baby

Bacteria is dissipated in water reducing infection to mother

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