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Judith in a Tub
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  • NBC, TELEMUNDO, "Encapsulating your placenta,(Tratemiento de plaventa)" April 2 2013, National Coverage.
  • CHILDBIRTH MEDITATION"THE CALM BIRTH METHOD": cover photograph plus photograph inside book. December 2012, by Portal Center Press.
  • INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION: cover photograph in volume 27, number 1, January 2012.
  • NEWBORN BIRTH INJURIES: THE UNTOLD STORIES, Birth Balance has a number of photographs throughout this film (2011)
    photograph in volume 26, number 4, November 2011.
  • DONA: Doulas of North America present 2 photographs and 1 banner in their new documentary The Essential Ingredient: Doula, 2011.
  • CALM BIRTH, NEW POTENTIAL:  32 Birth Balance photographs in their montage, February, 2011.
  • THE ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT: Doula 2010. Judith Halek has 3 photographs debuted in this short documentary about The importance of Labor Support Doulas.
  • MORE THAN A MIDWIFE: STORIES OF GRACE, GLORY AND MOTHERHOOD, By Mary Sommers, Certified Nurse Midwife, 2010. Birth Balance has one photo on the book cover.
  • ORGANIC BIRTH: BIRTH IS NATURAL, DVD, 12 Birth Balance photographs in this shorter version of Orgasmic Birth, DVD, October 15, 2010.
  • ORGASMIC BIRTH, YOUR GUIDE TO A SAFE, SATISFYING AND PLEASURABLE BIRTH, By Elizabeth Davis and Debra Pascali-Bonaro, 5 photographs in this book, Rodale Press, June 8, 2010.
  • THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL EXPERIENCER: Birth Balance photographed author Alan Russell White for the back portfolio shot of his book, April, 2010.
  • CARRBORO MIDWIFERY: has 1 photograph, Held Above Water, posted twice on its website, both on the front page and the water birth page, 2010.
  • AVALON: A Center for Women's Health has 2 photographs posted on their water birth page, 2010.
  • REDUCING INFANT MORTALITY: A Birth Balance photograph not only features in the movie but also adorns the center of the advertisement, June, 2009.
  • FATE OF EARTH FATE OF BIRTH: a mini-documentary on birth by David Sotnik features 8 Birth Balance photographs.
  • KAREN STRANGE:cover photograph of Midwifery Management of Neonatal Resuscitation Information Booklet, May 2009.
  • BEBESINFO.FI: features a Birth Balance photograph on their home page as well as inside their Finnish website, 2009.
  • MATERNAL DANCE: with Suzanne Caesar’s latest DVD Rhythm for Life, the prenatal Belly Dance Workout and website debut Birth Balance Photography, 2009.
  • DONA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: 5 photographs used in a banner displayed at the 2008 conference; banner was also used at the 2007conference, 2008.
  • THE MOTHER: Published in the UK, Cover Photograph, Issue Twenty-eight, May/June 2008.
  • UTNE READER: One photograph accompanies the article "Labor Movement: Orgasmic Birth" by K.G. in the Jan-Feb 2009 edition, pg. 32.
  • PATHWAYS: utilized 4 Birth Balance photographs in an article entitled "Doulas Before, During and After Birth," Issue 19, October 2008.
  • THE MOTHER: An Australian magazine featured a photograph by Birth Balance in their July/August 2008 issue on pg 26.
  • PASCACK VALLEY COMMUNITY LIFE PAPER: used 2 Birth Balance photographs in their article entitled "Filmmaker Champions Natural Childbirth" on July 16, 2008.
  • NATIONAL HEALTHY BIRTH GUIDE 2008/2009: displays 2 Birth Balance photographs.
  • NY HEALTHY BIRTH GUIDE: displays Birth Balance 4 photographs, No. 3, 2008/2009.
  • ORGASMIC BIRTH, DVD:  19 Birth Balance photographs are included in the documentary,  January 1, 2009.
  • OUR BODIES, OURSELVES: Birth Balance has 5 photographs featured in the latest book on pregnancy and birth, pgs. 93, 195, 251, 285 Copyright 2008. 
  • INTERNATIONAL DOULA: Vol. 15, Issue 1, Winter 2007, cover photograph of magazine published quarterly by Doulas of North America. (DONA).
  • HOME DELIVERY, THE ADVENTURE OF GIVING BIRTH AT HOME: Film by French director, Christine Tournadre. Birth Balance debuts 3 photographs in film, 2007.
  • LAMAZE INTERNATIONAL: Internet Childbirth Educational Commercial previews Birth Balance still photographs, 2007.
  • NY HEALTHY GUIDE: produced by Choices in Childbirth of NYC, includes 2 breathtaking photographs by Birth Balance in their annual guide, No. 2, 2007.
  • BOLD RED TENT: Birth Balance Photography is the cover poster for the BOLD (Birth On Labor Day) Red Tent Events International, 2007.
  • CALMS: This little book for new parents is graced with 7 Birth Balance photographs, 2007.
  • DOULAS: Thirty-one Birth Balance photographs fill this informational/instructional/picture booklet by the Doula/Community Midwives, 2007.
  • DONA: Doulas of North America, utilizes 11 Birth Balance photographs for banners at the 2007-2008 International Conferences.
  • MOTHERBABY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: Birth Balance debuts photography in promotional festival material, September 28-30, 2007.
  • GENTLE BIRTH CONGRESS: Birth Balance is the official photographer to document the Congress in Portland, Oregon: September 27-30, 2007.
  • ALTERNATIVE BIRTH: A waterbirth website features multiple Birth Balance photographs, 2007.
  • CALM BIRTH: Birth Balance documents Certification Trainings & Orientations in NYC, 2007.
  • CALMBIRTH.ORG: Website features Birth Balance photography, 2007.
  • MATERNALDANCE.COM: Birth Balance photographs grace this website, 2007.
  • COMPLEAT MOTHER: Full Page Spread accompanies article, Baby Wearing Grandma," Winter '06-'07, Number 84, Pg. 41.
  • MIDWIFERY TODAY CONFERENCE: Promotional Material, in Bad Wildbad, Germany, October, 2006.
  • WATERBIRTH TECHNOLOGIES: Website and Promotional materials for Birthing Pools site,, 2006.
  • IBFAN 2006 BREASTFEEDING CALENDAR, 2006, IBFAN:The International Baby Food Action Network.
  • THE GATES: Artwork designed by Christo, NYC, February 12-27, 2005. Birth Balance photographed 6 pregnant women in the installation.
  • POST CARD PHOTOGRAPH: Luna's Birth Tub Website,, 2005.
  • INTERNATIONAL DOULA: Vol. 13, Issue 4, Fall 2005, color, cover photograph, photo, pg. 7, published quarterly by Doulas of North America. (DONA)
  • INTERNATIONAL DOULA: Vol. 13, Issue 2/3, Spring/Summer 2005, Photos on pgs 9, 16,18, published quarterly by Doulas of North America. (DONA)
  • LAMAZE INTERNATIONAL WEBSITE: Five photographs are on the site as of 2005.
  • TIMEOUT MAGAZINE: March 2005, photograph of pregnant woman getting massage by Therapist, Anne Heckheimer.
  • OUR BODIES, OURSELVES, 5th EDITION: Two Birth Balance photographs are to be featured in the edition of 2005.
  • THE BIRTH ATTENDANTS 2005 CALENDAR: One Birth Balance photograph featured in this birth-related calendar.
  • PRENATAL MASSAGE WEBSITE: May 2004, NYC, Judith Halek Photographed Anne Heckheimer's pregnancy massage for her website. Can be viewed by clicking here.
  • WATERBIRTH CONFERENCE: 'Embracing Birth Together, International Waterbirth Congress, Chicago, IL, April 22-25, 2004. Birth Balance is the official photographer to document the event.
  • UNITED FOR FAMILIES MIDWIFERY CARE NEWSLETTER: Spring 2004, Volume 8, Issue I. Birth Balance features water birth photographs accompanying article Judith Halek edited, 'Waterbirth Basics: From newborn breathing to Hospital Protocols, by Barbara Harper.
  • MAVI YASAM: Prestigious Turkish Magazine, April 2004, featured pregnancy photographs by Birth Balance.
  • ELIZABETH BING'S 90TH BIRTHDAY: NYC, June 21, 2004. The Historical Matriarch who brought Lamaze Childbirth Education to the United States, celebrated her 90th year of life. Judith Halek was the official photographer for the event.
  • MOTHER'S MILK MAGAZINE: Volume 1, Issue 6 displays Judith Halek's photography on the cover of the December 2004 issue.
  • FOR CRYING OUTLOUD, 2003 ANNUAL REPORT FOR MATERNITY CENTER ASSOCIATION: NYC, The oldest, (1918) Birth Organization in the United States, featured 14 Birth Balance photographs in their 2003 Annual report, including the cover photograph. Came out Spring 2004.
  • INTERNATIONAL DOULA: Volume 12, Issue 4, Fall 2004, displays as cover photograph Judith Halek's photograph, published quarterly by Doulas of North America. (DONA).
  • MATERNAL FITNESS STUDIO: NYC, Winter 2003, Photography Presentation of Birth Balance's Full Body of work.
  • INTERNATIONAL CESAREAN AWARENESS NETWORK: Chapter of Vermont, debuts Birth Balance Photography at the Wellness Fair, November 1, 2003 in Rutland, Vermont.
  • DOULA'S OF NORTH AMERICA: (DONA) features a photograph on one of their latest TOTE bags (Winter 2003).
  • INTERNATIONAL DOULA: Vol. 11, Issue 1, Winter 2003, color, cover photograph and pg. 15, published quarterly by Doulas of North America. (DONA)
  • INTERNATIONAL DOULA: Summer 2003, Volume 11, Issue 3, debuts the first color cover the quarterly, published by Doulas of North America. (DONA)
  • THE DOULA BOOK: How a Trained Labor Companion can help you have a Shorter, Easier, and Healthier Birth: displays the cover photograph and 3 internal photographs, November 5, 2002.
  • LISTENING TO MOTHER'S FORUM: October 24, 2002, Presentation of Maternity Center Association's 'First National U.S. Survey of Women's Childbearing Experiences. Birth Balance closed the forum with an inspirational birth slide presentation.
  • SELF-Magazine, features a two and a half page spread of Judith Halek's pregnancy photography. June 2002.
  • BIRTH BALANCE WEBSITE: In operation since September 2001. This is the largest resource center for pregnancy/labor/birth/post photography, water birth and labor support Doula information. Over 500 pages and between 800,000-1,000,000 visits per month and 1,000,000+ hits per month.
  • WOMEN IN PHOTOGRAPHY, No. 8, Fall Issue, Issue, debuts photographs and an article on photographing water labors and births in the 'A Labor of Love, by Judith Elaine Halek. October 1, 2001.
  • TEA TIME IS BREWING! Women In Photography International Celebrates 20th Anniversary 'Images of Women - Images of Tea', Judith Halek debut's one of her photographs in her first International Exhibition. The opening will be Oct.10 to Nov.15, 2001 at the House of Photographic Art (HOPA) in San Juan Capistrano, CA. The exhibition will travel throughout the USA and internationally over the next three years, with invitations from Cuba, Italy, Pakistan and others.
  • MIDWIFERY TODAY MAGAZINE: Winter 2001, Number 60, BB Photograph, pg. 61.
  • MIDWIFERY TODAY MAGAZINE: Spring 2001, "Having A Baby, BB photograph, premiere Issue.
  • MIDWIFERY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT, "Mother -Baby Experiences of Nurturing," Booklet funded by the Department of Health, South Bank University, and East Kent NHS Trust. Photo on page 18, Paris, FRANCE.
  • Nine Birth Balance Photographs can be seen:, (The Unassisted Childbirth website.)
  • MIDWIFERY TODAY MAGAZINE: Autumn 2000. #55, pg. 48.
  • MIDWIFERY TODAY MAGAZINE: Spring 2000, #54, pgs. 23, 33.
  • MIDWIFERY TODAY MAGAZINE: Autumn 1999, #51, pg. 52.
  • FREE SPIRIT MAGAZINE: June/July 1999, 4 photographs featured.
  • HIP MAMA MAGAZINE: March 1999, cover photo.
  • X-PRESS MAGAZINE: "Reflections on Pregnancy and Birth," Bohemia, NY, Winter 1999.
  • THE RESIDENT NEWSPAPER: NYC, 1998-1999, numerous photos featured in family articles.
  • NEW YORK FAMILY MAGAZINE: May '94, "The Rebirth Of a Profession: Labor Support Doulas," pg. 20.
  • THE JOURNAL OF PERINATAL EDUCATION: an ASPO/LAMAZE Publication, Vol. 4, No. 3, 1995, "When Parents Ask: 'What about Waterbirth'," pg.
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