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METOLOGY: the science of taking two completely different elements, copper and tin, creating a third substance known as bronze, an element that changed civilization as we know it. Thatís what man, woman, child is; changing civilization as we know it with each and every birth.

WATER is the cradle of life here on earth. Seventy percent of the earth is water, 90% of a newbornís body is water, 60% or an adultís body is water. Life originated in the ocean more than 3 billion years ago. In the warm seas, the first primal creatures were developed, grew and multiplied. Some evolutionists believe we emerged from the depths of the sea millions of years ago.

Our first 9 months of life took place in the womb of waters. Sounds of the oceanís waves simulate the blood rushing through the placenta.

By observing that moist nature was in the seeds of everything, Aristotle, in the 6TH century BC, concluded water was the first principle of life. It is the most precious of our natural resourcesÖit maintains life. Waterís qualities are innumerable as it holds hot, cold, it conducts, transfers, absorbs temperature and calms the spirit.

In the 1700s, scientists begin to understand and identify the properties of water also its value as a form of hydrotherapy. "Water Cures," a book printed in London in 1723, describes the benefits of water used for all conditions, including labor and birth.

It has been researched, Egyptians birthed selected babies underwater. It is believed these babies became priests and priestesses.

Minoans on the island of Crete are said to have used a sacred temple for waterbirth.

In the Minoan ruins, art on frescoes reflect dolphins and the special connection with humans and water.

The Chumash Indians of California have told stories about women laboring in pools and shallow inlets along the beach while the men of the tribe drummed and chanted. In his nineties, Grandfather Semu, a Chumash elder remembers when he was a boy how women would often go to the beach and labor in shallow water. He also remembers dolphins appearing nearby and staying close to the women until the baby was born.

Indian tribes in North, Central and South America as well as the Maoris of New Zealand and the Samoan People of the Pacific have been known to birth in shallow ocean and river environments.

Kuhunaís, from the Hawaiian Islands state thousands of generations have been born underwater.

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