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My Labor Bag

I have been working as a labor assistant  in New York City for over 23 years. During that time, I have learned, synthesized and integrated a number of techniques, methods, philosophies and approaches.   Throughout the years I have shared the acquired wisdom and knowledge with other doulas.  I am being called once again to bring forth my insights and experience in a day of learning and sharing.  

What will be included in the Workshop:
The majority of the workshop will be discussing and going through my labor bag:  what is in it, how I use it, and the purpose behind it being in my bag. I will touch on aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbs, pressure points, some obscure and unusual tools not found in any other doula bag.  Many questions will come up regarding warding off inductions, protocols and healthy boundaries for doulas, early labor phone or in person conversations, etc. Time will be integrated for personal questions to be answered during this part of the workshop.
I have been studying a methodology entitled: DreamBirthTM Imagery by Catherine Shainberg, PhD, Director of The School Of Images, in NYC.  (Her book and CD will be coming out next year.)  This particular class has not been taught anywhere in the world. For the past six years, Dr. Shainberg, along with a small group have developed over 400 conception, pregnancy, labor/birth and parenting exercises.  You will experience and be able to incorporate the following DreamBirthTM Imagery exercises into your practice: 1.  Stopping premature labor, 2. Bonding with your child, 3. Bringing down blood pressure.  For the doula: 1. Claiming personal power.
I will hand out 3 forms: 1. Prenatal Questionnaire Form my clients base their birth plan,
2. Labor Tea Recipe I prepare for births, 3. Letter of Agreement or contract with my clients.

If you are interested in attending these or future workshops, please contact me at: or 212-222-4349 or 646-391-8308.  To view my website, go to:
My background includes: childbirth educator, birth photographer, birth filmmaker, pre-post natal fitness and bodywork for the childbearing years, labor doula, DreamBirthTM Imagery, Body Centered Hypnosis, Birth Counselor, Calm Birth Practitioner, placenta encapsulation+tinctures+prints, waterbirth consultant, herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy.


Contact Judith  212-222-4349   NYC, NY
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