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BIRTH is three-fold in the bringing of a life to the planet. The BIRTH of the baby is concrete and life transforming. The rite of passage for the woman from maidenhood to pregnancy to post-partum is her BIRTH into motherhood. The partner evolves and grows directly or indirectly through the sharing of conception, integration during pregnancy, assistance during labor/BIRTH and the transition into fatherhood/parenthood.

BALANCE begins from within, being clear with desires and wishes, open to the possibilities of unexpected changes, knowledgeable and educated in the process, up to date in resources, support groups, asking pertinent questions regarding uncertainties or procedures. BALANCE is finding a support team where there is mutual trust, goals, open communication, and clear boundaries.

Since 1987, BIRTH BALANCE has been a resource for integrating the BALANCE within the BIRTH process. Founder and Director, writer and artist for the Twenty-first Century, Judith Elaine Halek integrates modalities such as labor support doula, birth counseling, fitness, massage, lecturing, photography/video and produces a local 13 part waterbirth cable series in New York City. BIRTH BALANCE, known as the east coast resource center for waterbirth, assists men and women to remember what they have forgotten, "Our Bodies Know How, Our Babies Know How, Trust The Bodies, Trust The Babies."

BIRTH BALANCE is committed to honor and respect choices made by the parents as they bring in the children of the new millennium. Without the wonder of free will, a voice of our own, each would need our own Svengali to function. Rather, find the voice within and become your voice of reason.

Key purposes: assist, share, spark, supply, research, explore, educate, create, empower, provide, promote, question, answer, illuminate, inspire, experience, have fun, focus, fuel, breathe, nurture, heal, transform, inform and most crucially, love.

Instead of giving you a fish and feeding you for a day, rather allow BIRTH BALANCE to teach you how to fish and feed you for a lifetime.

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