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International Conference on Water Birth:

Exploring the Issues:

Internation Conference on Water Birth
Tape 1 Welcome, Sheila Kitzinger Opening Address, Baroness Cumberiege

Tape 2 "Birth in the 21st Century-Where Are We Going?" Dr. Marsden Wagner "Why Do Women Want a Water Pool?" Janet Balaskas "Are We Marine Chimps?" Dr. Michel Odent

Tape 3 "An Obstetrician's Experience of 1,600 Water Births, Including Breech and Twin Births," Dr. Herman Ponette "Fetal & Neonatal Physiology During Water Birth," Dr. G. Eldering, Dr. K. Selke

Tape 4 "Labour and Birth in Water: an Obstetrician's Observations Over a Decade," Dr. F. Haddad "Panel Discussion," J. Balaskas, Dr. M. Odent, Dr. G. Eldering, Dr. K. Selke, B. Lawrence Beech, Dr. H. Ponette, Dr. F. Haddad

Tape 5 "NPEU Survey of the Use of Water in Childbirth," Dr. Fiona Alderice & Sally Merchant "A Clinical Analysis of 948 Water Births at the Family Birthing Centre, California," Dr. Michael Rosenthal "Waterbirth Compared with Conventional Childbirth: A Retrospective Study of 501 Cases," Dr. C. Hoestermann

Tape 6 Evidence form Randomized Controlled Trials: of the Effects of Water on Labour and Birth," Prof. J. Hofmeyer, Cheryl Nikodem "Panel Discussion," Dr. M. Rosenthal, Dr. F. Alderice, S. Marchant, Dr. C. Hoestermann, Prof. J. Hofmeyer, DC. Nikodem

Tape 7 "Parents' Rights When Choosing to Use a Birth Pool," Jayn Ingrey "Water Birth in a Rural Community," Dr. Roger Lichy "Being: An Emotional Journey Into the Passion of Childbirth," Maria Nwobani, Ola Akaanwo & Baby Nkechinyere

Tape 8 "Is Obstetrics Good For Your Health?" Beverley Lawrence Beech "Assessing the Effects of Health Technology," Rosemary Jenkins

Tape 9 "How Does Water Birth affect Midwifery Practice?" Caroline Flint "Water Birth and Pain Relief - Observations of 400 Water Births at Hillingdon," Cass Nightingale "Water Birth & Supervision of Midwifery Practice," Dianne Garland

Tape 10 "1,000 Water Births: Selection Criteria & Outcomes," Dr. Josie Musct "Water Births: Facts & Philosophy," Dr. Michael Adam

Tape 11 "Water Births in a Conventional French Maternity Unit," Dr. Patrick Stora "Panel Discussion," B. Lawrence Beech, R. Jenkins, C. Flint, C. Nightingale, D. Garland, Dr. Josie Muscat, Dr. Michael Adam, Dr. Patrick Stora

Tape 12 "Water Birth in Australia," Athena Vassie "Water Birth in Italy," Piera Maghella "Water Birth in Denmark," Anne Uller Tape 13 "Issues of Safety and Decision Making Process," Dr. Yehudi Gordon "Water Birth: Surviving the Onslaught of the Uninformed," Professor Lesley Page "Closing Address," Sheila Kitzinger

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Medical Caregiver Overviews


Afternoon Plenary:Waterbirth Afternoon Plenary: Waterbirth, by Michel Odent. New York, March, 1999. NY Open Center.

Using Water in Labour and Delivery Using Water in Labour and Delivery-Tape 1, by Michel Odent, MD., Dianne Garland, and Jill Cohen. London, 1997. This tape offers an in-depth exploration of waterbirth, including the physiological effects on mom and baby and the midwives' approach and responsibility. Discusses new developments in research, equipment and practice. Midwifery Today.

Using Water in Labour and Delivery Using Water in Labour and Delivery-Tape 2, by Michel Odent, MD., Dianne Garland, and Jill Cohen. London, 1997. Midwifery Today.

Using Water in Labour and Delivery Waterbirth and Using Water in Labor, by Michel Odent, MD., and Jill Cohen. This tape explores the many benefits and ways of using water in labor and birth by pointing out its unique properties, psychological as well as physical. These very experienced waterbirth practitioners address concerns about water and potential risks, and describe clinical findings and current research. This is a valuable tape for those who advocate waterbirth to their clients. Midwifery Today.

Afternoon Plenary:Waterbirth Waterbirth Seminar. A panel discussion with Dr. Rosenthal, Barbara Harper, RN, Virginia Jackson, CMN, Karil Daniels, producer and director. May 5th,1990. New York Open Center. Point of View Production, California, 1991. (Two tapes).

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Click to purchase the tape Marina Alzugaray, CNM, WaterBirth at Birth Gazette Conference, June 8-11, 2000, Summertown, TN, Tape #5A. Marina jumps in the history of waterbirth, it's global utilization and its practice. She explores the way water facilitates birth, equipment and maintenance, the newborn's breathing mechanism, universal precautions and other concerns. Purchase at: www.birthgazette.com

Gentle Birth Choices. by Barbara Harper. Learn how to clear the space for gentle birth, helping women to be ready for birth, both emotionally and spiritually. Midwifery Today

Homebirth and Waterbirth

Homebirth and Waterbirth: A Great Combination, by Barbara Harper and Jill Cohen. Eugene, Oregon, 1997. This tape dispels myths and misconceptions regarding waterbirth. Barbara and Jill discuss basics, address complications such as shoulder dystocia, hemorrhage and cord prolapse and how to deal with them in water. They also speak on the physiology of newborn breathing and the safety of waterbirth. Midwifery Today.

Non-Pharmacological Methods of Pain Relief Non-Pharmacological Methods of Pain Relief, by Sara Wickham. London, 1998. Midwifery Today.

Waterbirth Waterbirth, by Barbara Harper. This tape offers a well-articulated look at waterbirth. You'll get information about how to introduce waterbirth into various settings and learn about good studies to use as support for waterbirth. Learn about contraindications and how standards are changing, the dynamics of waterbirth and why it works, and why it's safe to have a baby under water. Midwifery Today.

Waterbirth Waterbirth, by Dianne Garland. London, September, 1998. This informative and enjoyable tape describes how midwives can be comfortable assisting at a waterbirth if they work to overcome their fears of it, rely on their own judgment when it comes to safe practice, and go with their instinct and intuition. Diane addresses such issues as the practicalities of using water in birth, the evolution of water tubs, criteria for normality, and record keeping. She talks through the questions mothers most often ask regarding waterbirth, the what if's and current research. Midwifery Today.

Non-Pharmacological Methods of Pain Relief Waterbirth: the How's, Whys and What Ifs, by Barbara Harper, RN. Barbara Harper solidly confirms the benefits and medical safety of waterbirth and cuts through the hype and unfounded claims that have sadly stigmatized this peaceful method of birth. Trace the ties between women, the ocean, water and birth. Midwifery Today.

Waterbirth: A New Tradition Waterbirth: A New Tradition Created by Women, by Gloria Lemay and Barbara Harper, RN. June 1996, Eugene, Oregon. Barbara and Gloria complement each other in a most fluid way, creating a class that is dynamically informative. Basic principles are presented along with mechanisms, therapeutic properties and statistics. Learn how the success of gentle birth is spreading worldwide. Midwifery Today.

Waterbirth Update Waterbirth Update, by Linda Church, CNM and Barbara Harper, RN. American College of Nurse-Midwives 36th Annual Meeting & Exhibit. May 11-16, 1991. Minneapolis, MN.

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Afternoon Plenary:Waterbirth Maggie McGee Radio Show: Waterbirth. Judith Halek speaks about water birth. June 20, 1990. New York.

Afternoon Plenary:Waterbirth Maggie McGee Radio Show: Waterbirth. Judith Halek speaks about water birth. March, 1989. New York.

Using Water in Labour and Delivery

Waterbirth Lecture: Emerging into Life Through Waterbirth and Flo Motion, with Judith Halek. January 17, 1992. IACT Hypnosis Symposium.

Using Water in Labour and Delivery

Waterbirth Radio Show, With Dr. Corsello and Judith Halek speaking on water birth and labor. January 21, 1996. WOR-AM, New York.

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Dolphin Connections

Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope

Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope: Water Birth, Dolphins & Mermaids, by Marina Alzugaray, CNM. 1993. Cal Tapes! 170 Loyola Ave. Ste. B; Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Waterbirth and Dolphins Waterbirth and Dolphins, by Rima Star Cunningham. 1989, Cunningham and Copia Foundation, PO Box 161113 Austin, Texas 78716.

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Additional Tapes & CD's

Across an Ocean of Dreams. What does the ocean dream of? Surrender to the siren call. Glimpse into the depths of jeweled waters and the fantasia within the mysteries of the sea. Come! Be transported under the waves into the healing waters, flowing with 2002's delicate strings, guitar, flute, harp, keyboard and distant voices of angels of the deep.

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Baby Tunes Nature Baby: Water Baby. A unique instrumental series created especially for a baby’s tender ears. Music fro the kid in us all! 1998 Rhino Entertainment Company.

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CinemOcean. Acclaimed composers John Barry, Ennio Morricone and Vangelis are masters at capturing the timeless emotions of the silver screen and translating them into unforgettable soundtracks. On CinemOcean, Anastasi has taken ten of the most beautiful movie themes and masterfully arranged them with the caress of ocean waves creating a poignant musical tapestry.

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Connie and The Water Babies, by Jacqueline Wilson, Read by Bernard Cribbins. 1 hour, 1996, Methuen Children's Books, order from Cover to Cover Cassettes, LTD, 01264 731227 /Phone, 01264 731390 /Fax, Great Britain. A hilarious and comforting story about Gran and her video recoder. Mom is afraid of a baby gerbil, Dad is terrified of the dentist. Connie is afraid of swimming. Nurse Meade works her magic to help Connie through her fears. (Barnes & Noble)

Dolphin Meditations, Vol. 1, By Ashleea Nielsen, narrated by Nancy Vendetti.1994, Dancing Dolphin Press, PO Box 959, Kihei, Hawaii 96753. (Barnes & Noble)

Ecstatic BirthÉConceive the Possibility. with Binnie A. Dansby. This CD ROM is for anyone interested in birth and the effect birth has on all aspects of our lives. This beautiful multi-media presentation includes video, audio, music, photos, interviews and text. It will give you the opportunity to discover how to awaken the creative potential of pregnancy and have the birth you have always wanted. (2000)

To Order Contact: www.ecstaticbirth.com

Pachelbel Canon. Pachelbel's Canon in D is one of the most beautiful pieces in the western classical repertoire. It has often been used during labor and birth as a reflection of all the different stages connected with the arrangement of the music. Here it is combined with subtle ocean waves to bring forth its most deeply pleasurable and peaceful elements. A double experience in one.

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Sweet Return. Celebrating his sixth release, harpist Hilary Stagg unveils an exquisite new recording. Adding the sounds of Irish flute, electric fiddle and angelic voices to his uniquely electrified harp tones, Hilary creates a sound that effortlessly transports yout to an unforgettable land of serenity and enchantment. 1997, Real Music.

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Water Birth. A vast underground water tank creates a long, 45-second natural acoustic reverberation. Eighty-eight cement support columns sculpt the sound into a meditative, deeply relaxing chorus. The ambience suggests an underwater environment of sea creatures, marine plants and inner space. The Tunnel Singer

To Order Contact: The Tunnel Singer

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