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Calm Birth: Empowering Childbirth Preparation (CD Audio Guide)

By Robert Newman

Practice of Opening
This is a reclining meditation for pregnant women and their partners. It uses progressive neuromuscular release that is healing for the nervous system. The practice brings systematic connection with life force at the cellular level. The womb child is directly engaged, with important potential for prenatal development. (23 minutes)

Womb Breathing
This is a profound breathing meditation from ancient wisdom applied to childbirth. It's based on breathing with the physical body and the energy body at the same time, in a dynamic vision of the pregnant woman. This method offers remarkable labor pain management, important immune enhancement, and full oxygenation. (22 minutes)

Giving and Receiving
This is a famous breath meditation from ancient wisdom that brings the experience of healing into childbirth. The practice develops innate healing capability valuable in resolving any remains of one’s own birth trauma in preparing to give birth, and for pain management during contractions. (14 minutes)

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Calm Mother: Empowering Postnatal Self-Care Methods

The inspiring techniques on this CD help new mothers realize their innate healing abilities—to the benefit of both mother and child. Centered around meditation and compassionate breathing, the practices restore hormonal balance, strengthen the immune system, and help women cope with post-partum depression safely and without harmful drugs. The Calm Parents meditation allows mother and father to reflect on the sacredness of new life.

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CDs: Pain-Coping Practices: How to Teach Parents (3 CD set)

If you are a birth professional who loves the BIRTHING FROM WITHIN book, then this three-CD set is just for you! Step-by-step, you learn how to motivate and prepare parents to cope with the intensity of labor, using proven pain-coping practices. This three-CD set will refresh and reinforce what you learned at your Introduction to BIRTHING FROM WITHIN (Level One) Workshop. A must-have for all Mentors and birth professionals! Featuring: Pam England teaching pain-coping practices to birth professionals, and include live demonstrations of Pam working with expectant parents.
CDOne (52 min.): Introduction to Pain-Coping Practices, Scaling, Baseline, Breath Awareness.
CD Two (59 min.): Non-Focused Awareness, Finding the Center
CD Three (50 min.): Ovarian Breathing, Coyote Circle

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DreamBirth: Imagery for Conception, Pregnancy, Labor, and Bonding

DreamBirth is a method devised by psychologist and imagery teacher Catherine Shainberg to assist mothers and their attendants with the process of giving birth. It is simple, effective and creative. You will amaze yourself with the richness of your images, and the wonder of it will move your body to perform at its peak.Conception - easing anxiety, harmonizing with your partner, and welcoming a new life. 4 CD's for your individual listening.

* Pregnancy - reducing physical discomfort and morning sickness, rehearsing for birth, and tuning in to your body's needs and to your baby
* Labor - minimizing medication, choosing the right professional care, and consciously monitoring each step of the birth
* Bonding - feeling into your baby's needs, nursing, and emotional connection, and supporting your child's extraordinary life

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Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula Workbook Plus 5 CDs

For Doulas and Midwives. In our Hypno-Doula workbook, you will learn how to support your regular hypno-birth and Hypnobabies clients through a much easier birth experience. Sixty-four pages of information on hypno-childbirth labor assistance. Included: 8 pages of Hypno-birth Prompts to use with your laboring Hypno-moms (verbal cues to keep them in hypnosis) a Hypnobabies CD to help your regular hypno-birth clients enter hypnosis instantly, (Entering Hypnosis with a Special Word Cue) and the same script on paper for direct use with clients during prenatal meetings.
Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula Workbook, Script and Entering Hypnosis CD
Hypnobabies Double-Track Affirmations CD
Hypnobabies Come OUT, Baby CD
Hypnobabies Baby Stay IN CD
BONUS Introduction to Childbirth Hypnosis CD

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