Labor Doula Accessories


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Ball Carry Strap

This product is pretty self explanatory. If you need to carry a ball or EGG around frequently, you know that it can be a pain. A carry strap makes that job a lot easier and allows your hands to be free! Adjusts to carry balls from 40 to 65 cm.

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Ball Hand Pump

Compact and easy to use, this pump inflates on both the upstroke and down stroke to fill a 55 cm ball in under 3 minutes.

Compact double action pump, suitable for inflating the Gymnic Exercise Balls. Also suitable for big balls upto 95 cm.

Size: 17cm long

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Belly Casting Kits

Looking for a unique gift that won't get thrown out or returned? This is it!!
Pregnancy is such a miraculous and precious time! What a better way to celebrate new life than to make a belly cast! These kits make wonderful gifts for a blessing way, baby shower, or just as a gift of support and excitement. There are Deluxe and Basic Belly Casting Kits.

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Birth Balls: Use of the Physical Therapy Ball in Maternity Care

This mini-book by Paulina G. Perez, RN contains the history of the physical therapy balls as well the information on its use in obstetrics. The table of contents included the following topics:

~Ball sizing,
~Safety tips,
~Care and cleaning,
~The"birth ball",
~Prenatal and childbirth education uses,
~Labor and delivery uses,
~Why this ball works,
~Postpartum uses,
~Tips from nurses, midwives, and professional labor assistants that use the "birth ball",
~And a bibliography.

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Birthing Balls

Women have discovered the magic of using a birthing ball to ease their pressures and discomforts of labor, and there is no going back! These Anti-Burst Maxafe (max-safe) Gymnastic birthing balls enable freedom of movement while simulating the squatting position, and encouraging the baby to move further down in to the pelvis. These birth balls can also be used to support the upper body while on your hands and knees, which is the best position to help rotate the baby from a persistent OP (posterior) position. Just give one a hug!

Many women find that these birth balls are the only comfortable things to sit on and get up from during their last weeks of pregnancy and during labor, but the benefits don't end there! After the baby has come, you can use it for exercise, toning, yoga (if you can wrestle it away from the kids) and we've heard reports that it works great for colicky and fussy babies! Some of our mothers says that sitting on the birth ball while holding the baby, and gently bouncing up and down was the only thing that soothed their baby during the peak "sensitive" hours. It's a good thing we offer a high quality birth ball for all those hours of bouncing!

Many different sizes and shapes: Ultra safe EGG, Maxafe Gymnastic, 65 cm, 53 cm, 75 cm.

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Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle


Milkmaid Tea 1 Box
Booby Tubes, 1 pair
Bosom Buddies 42 g. (1.5 oz net wt.)
Natural Nipple Butter 30 ml. (1 fl. oz.)

Research shows that breastfeeding has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer, check it out here! Mama supports breastfeeding and breast cancer awareness, for healthy babies AND healthy breasts! A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Breastfeeding Support Kit is donated to the Libby Ross Foundation and Le Leche League.

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Head Trip Massager

Have you ever wanted somebody to gently massage your head, like your momma did when you were a child? Can't you just feel the tingles running down your spine right now imagining that gentle touch that makes you melt like butter? This is one of those items that once you try it, you won't be able to imagine what you did without it! OK, we know it looks like a strange contraptions of torture, but we promise, it will be a blissful torture that you will be happy to endure. With this Head Trip Massager, you can apply just the right amount of pressure to those places were a massage would just feel really good, and feel your stress fade away.

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Homeopathy Kit for Pregnancy and Birth

This is an immensely valuable product for every pregnancy and birth and especially for the childbirth professional. It contains 18 of the most common and useful remedies for this important time. Also includes a a very supportive and specific guide for the use of Homeopathy and the kit for pregnancy, labor and beyond.

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Hot Spot Labor Sock

The specially designed, natural Hot Spot Labor Sock can be heated and applied to just the right spot to provide warm, moist heat for deep, penetrating comfort. Handy ribbons let you tie the little beauty on so you can enjoy hands-free relief. Filled with rice and calming lavender blossoms, the Hot Spot Labor Sock gets right to the achy bits — naturally.

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Labor Ease Massage Oil

When you’re in labor, sometimes the only thing that can ease that pressure from inside is pressure from the outside. Keep this soothing organic calendula and chamomile-infused oil close by, and instruct your labor partner to massage it into your back, belly, hands or feet. Easily absorbable, Labor Ease Oil also has lavender and clary sage pure essential oils to help keep you focused, clear-headed, balanced and calm.

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