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Angel in the Waters

By Regina Doman (Sophia Institute Press, October 2004.)

In its motherís womb, a tiny baby grows, explores the waters, and talks with the angel who is there. These gentle illustrations and wise words tell the story of that baby and the angel in the waters ... a story that delights all children, because the journey from conception to birth is their story, too.

Reading level: Ages 4-8

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Dolphin Adventure: A True Story

By Wayne Grover, Jim Fowler (Illustrator) (New York, NY: A Beech Tree Paperback Book, 1993)

A family of dolphins approaches Wayne Grover while he is scuba diving off the coast of Florida. The baby has a large hook embedded in its back. When its parents appeal Grover for help, he tries to remove the hook. But as he works, prowling sharks smell blood and attack!

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Life in the Oceans: Animals, People, Plants

By Lucy Baker, (Scholastic Inc. New York, October 1992.)

There is a clean neat appearance to the series, one that will encourage children to try their hand. This bright, colorful books offer an exciting look at a variety of engineering ideas and concepts. It contains amazing facts and wonderful pictures. The book has facts about how people lived with the sea and the animals in it. This book is excellent.

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Meeting Dolphins, My Adventures in the Sea

By Kathleen Dudzinski (National Geographic Society, Washington D.C., 2000.)

Who can resist dolphins? They're so smart, and they have that mysterious smile. But they're wild animals -- possibly friendly, potentially dangerous. And only a very few people get a chance to meet them in the wild. Kathleen Dudzinski is one of them. Dudzinski has studied dolphins all over the world. Everywhere she goes, she observes gestures, sounds, and behaviors to try to figure out how dolphins communicate. She has watched mother dolphins teach their babies how to hunt and swum with a pod. There are also many stills from the IMAX film in which the author was featured (and which readers may clamor to see). The challenges, responsibilities, and rewards of studying dolphins are detailed and well conveyed in text and visuals, allowing children to get up close and personal with the fascinating creatures.

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Our Water Baby-by Amy Maclean (Author) , Jan Nesbitt (Illustrator)

This 32-page full colour book introduces waterbirth at home to the children of a pregnant woman, through the wonderful story of a young boy with a natural curiosity about the arrival of a sibling.

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Sea Animals

By Angela Royston (Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, New York, 1992.)

Playful dolphins, spiny sea horses, spectacular starfish -- the most fascinating sea creatures are all here in superb close-up photos. How many legs does a crab have? What does a sea lion like to eat? Simple text and detailed illustrations will satisfy inquisitive preschoolers who are busy learning about the world around them. Each double-page spread contains a color photograph, line art, a short paragraph about each animal, and introductory diagrams. Sure to satisfy the most inquisitive young learner.

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Soft Sorts Water Babies, Matching Soft Friends to Safe Homes

Illustrated by Louise Rogers (The Millbrook Press, Inc., CT, 1998.)

A very simple picture book with 4 fabric animals - a duck, a fish, etc. that velcro onto the 4 pages. The point is for the baby to feel them and eventually learn to pull them off. Testimonial: My grandson loved to reach out and feel them at 2 mo. By 4 months he was pulling them off and loving to put them in his mouth, of course!
Another book in the series features cars and trucks.

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Teaching an infant to swim: The gentle and natural way to introduce your baby to lifelong confidence in the water

By Virginia Hunt Newman (San Diego, CA, New York, NY: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1983.)

With the help of photographs, the author, founder of the Newman Swim Academy in Hollywood, shows parents exactly what to do. Using the simple, proven methods described in this book, parents will discover that helping their children gain confidence in the water can be as delightful for them as for the child.

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The Great Whales, Color & Story Album

By Malcolm Whyte (Troubador Press, a member of Putnam & Grosset Group, NY, 1995.)

An oversize coloring book and written description of numerous whales from Pygmy right whale, bowhead whale, right whale, blue whale, sei whale, sperm whale, pilot shale, killer whale, bottlenose dolphin, hourglass dolphin, harbor porpoise, narwhal, gray whale, minke whale, humpback whale, bottlenose dolphin, cuviers beaked whale. Lot's of fun and interesting stories.

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The Water Babies

By Charles Kingsley, Josephine Poole, & Jan Ormerod (The Millbrook Press, CT, 1996.)

Afterword by Peter Glassman. A favorite since its first publication in 1863, this "fairy tale for a land baby" evokes the magical underwater world encountered by a young chimney sweep. This facsimile edition features nearly 200 two-color illustrations plus 13 full-color plates. A Books of Wonder Classic.

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