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Dolphin Babies: Making a Splash

By Diane Sweeney and Michelle Reddy, Photographys by Jeff Smith, (Dolphin Quest Publisher, 2001)

Gr 4-6 - The mother and baby in the initial photograph of this book introduce readers to the world of four pregnant dolphins in the protected lagoon of the Dolphin Learning Center in Hawaii. Full-color photographs dominate the double-page spreads. Without details of the mating process itself or diagrams or drawings of developing fetuses, the narrative and photographs provide such introductory information as age at parenthood, duration of pregnancy, birth, and immediate care of the newborns. This information is seamlessly sprinkled throughout a text that deceptively seems merely to caption the engaging photographs. Since these pregnancies and births took place under the watchful eyes of trainers, veterinarians, and tourists, the narrative emphasizes the care provided by humans. Almost everything is photographed, including these mammals in advanced pregnancy, 100 pounds heavier, resting their bellies on the sand in shallow water. The tension builds to the drama of each birth and the question of each infant's survival. Virginia Schomp's The Bottlenose Dolphin (Dillon, 1994) has more information about bottlenose dolphin mating, growth, and development but the chatty text and inviting photographs here provide a unique look.-Frances E. Millhouser, Chantilly Regional Library, VA

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Call of the Dolphins

By Lana Miller, (Lana Miller, ID, 1989) 1-503-772-9714 /Phone

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Dolphin Adventure : A True Story, by Wayne Grover

Jim Fowler(Illustrator), (New York, NY: A Beech Tree Paperback Book, 1993)

A family of dolphins approaches Wayne Grover while he is scuba diving off the coast of Florida. The baby has a large hook embedded in its back. When its parents appeal Grover for help, he tries to remove the hook. But as he works, prowling sharks smell blood and attack!

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Dolphin Connection

Dolphin Connection by Joan Ocean (U.S.: Dolphin Connection; Australia: Spiral Book, 1989.)

This heartwarming book is about her intimate friendships with cetaceans, as she "... creates a field of innocence where the dolphin is the teacher." Swimming in the ocean, she experiences a human-dolphin communication that releases expansive, multi-sensory knowledge in the entire body and its thoughtforms. With the simplicity and elegance of the dolphins, she is linked to the Infinite wisdom of Love. From this playful connection to creative consciousness, Light structures and aqua-space communities become a reality.

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Dolphin's First Day: The Story of a Bottlenose Dolphin (Smithsonian Oceanic Collection)

By Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, Steven James Petruccio

A Sweet little book, or regular size book, or book with a cassette (s), or book with a 7” Toy. Delightful story of a calf dolphin’s birth and it’s first day of traveling in the ocean’s discovering The importance of sound, sharks and other adventures.

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Dolphins, Extraterrestrials, Angels: Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences

Dolphins, Extraterrestrials, Angels: Adventures among Spiritual Intelligences by Timothy Wyllie, (IN: Boston Enterprises, 1984.)

It is becoming more evident to us that our small planet is considered the pearl of this area of the Universe and its demise amid atomic destuction is simply not being allowed to occur. An extraordinary, humorous and authentic expansion into the real area of combat: our consciousness. A delightful book. A pioneering synthesis of the known and yet-to-be-known.

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Dolphins, Telepathy & Underwater Birthing

Dolphins Telepathy & Underwater Birthing: Further Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences by Timothy Wyllie (Santa Fe, NM: Bear & Publishing Company, 1940, 1993.)

This is an adventure story full of surprises that will take you around the world, into human and dolphin psyches...and beyond. With his companion angels guiding the way, Timothy plunges into an extraordinary journey of the heart that takes him into strange and magical encounters with Australian Aborigines, Maoris from New Zealand, an American walk-in, a Russian midwife, and a Balinese shaman. Exploration of the spiritual nature of dolphins, their involvement with underwater birth and the nature of dolphin telepathic communication.

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Homo Delphinus, The Dolphin Within Man

Homo Delphinus, The Dolphin Within Man, by Jacques Mayol, Jacques Piccard, Steven Sachs; (Idelson-Gnocchi Publishers, December 1, 1999.)

Jacque Mayol, the man who coined the phrase, "Homo Delphinus," is a sea researcher, a world-famous diver widely acclaimed for his pioneering work in the field of deep breath hold diving and for his historic, record-setting dive of 100 meters (330 feet), during a program of experimental and medical research in deep breath holding divings. Mayol courageously attempst to explain man's affinity for water and the ocean in particular, and shows the similarity of man's "inner-ocean" with tthe primordial ocean. As a visionary man, he develops the validity of the concept fo underwater birth. Is considered to be "The Bible for all breath-hold divers" Bestseller in Italy, France and Japan.

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In Dolphin Time

In Dolphin Time, By Diane Farris. (Four Winds Press, New York, 1994.)

A day you discover dolphins in your pocket is a day of wonder...a day of delight." So it is when the narrator of In Dolphin Time tries to make such dolphins comfortable in the tub, find the right foods (artichokes, anyone?) and listen to their stories. In the process, the child gets to know them and discovers an enduring kind of friendship . The story is accompanied by photographs throughout.

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Life in the Oceans, Animals, People, Plants

Life in the Oceans, Animals, People, Plants, by Lucy Baker, (Scholastic Inc. New York, October 1992.)

There is a clean neat appearance to the series, one that will encourage children to try their hand.This bright, colorful books offer an exciting look at a variety of engineering ideas and concepts. It countains amazing facts and wounderful pictures. The book has facts about how people lived with the sea and the animals in it. This book is excellent.

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