Water Immersion


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Active Birth : The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally

Active Birth : The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally , Revised Edition by Janet Balaskas, Linda Ziedrich (Editor), Sheila Kitzinger(Foreword), (Harvard Common Press, April 1992.)

New Active Birth will help you and your partner prepare for and experience an Active Birth. naturally, throughout time and the world over, women have chosen to walk, stand, squat, lie- to move their bodies freely and actively to find the most comfortable positions for labour and birth. It is only we in the West who have the extraordinary notion that a woman should lie on her back in a position of helplessness that defies the laws of nature and gravity. With this book you can learn to develop all your body's resources to deal with the instinctive experience of childbirth.

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Aqua Yoga

Aqua Yoga, By Francoise Freedman.

A comprehensive guide to the therapeutic and soothing nature of yoga in water for pregnancy, birth and beyond. This book features a unique series of exercises developed by the author over many years to combine the therapeutic and buoyant nature of water with the energizing and harmonizing effect of yoga. (September 2000.)

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Aqua Yoga

By Carol. Beck; (Drake Publishers, 1976.)

A new, modern approach for those who know, or want to know, the delights of the water and the gentle, easy, health-giving movements of water yoga. The natural stretching and holding movements of hatha yoga bring glowing health and youthful suppleness to your body and peace and serenity to your mind. The exercises contained here have been modified so that most of them can be done in shallow water by swimmers, young and old alike.

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Choosing Waterbirth: Reclaiming the Sacred Power of Birth

Choosing Waterbirth: Reclaiming the Sacred Power of Birth Lakshimi Bertram (forthcoming: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, 2000.)

A yoga instructor and mother of five shares a revelation: childbirth doesn't have to be painful, stressful, or degrading. In this age of the epidural epidemic, when birth is treated as surgery or illness, Choosing Waterbirth details how to make childbirth a positive experience, both empowering and beautiful. Bertram, who chose the waterbirth method for each of her children, gently explains how this natural, harmonious, healthy, and low-pain birth method allows women to reclaim the dignity and sacredness that is the true essence of the birth experience.

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Gentle Birth Choices: A Guide to Making Informed Decisions About Birthing Centers, Birth Attendants, Water Birth, Home Birth, Hospital Birth

By Barbara Harper, RN (Vermont: Healing Arts Press, 1994.)

Believe it or not, birth resulting from a normal pregnancy needn't take place in a hospital. Harper explains why birthing centers and home births, along with other "gentle birth choices," are beneficial to both mother and baby. Harper also discusses giving birth in water and explores the connection of mind and body during labor and birth. She stresses the importance of midwives for a more natural and satisfying experience. Well illustrated with photos by acclaimed birth photographer Suzanne Arms and containing a first-rate resource section, Gentle Birth Choices provides an excellent alternative to mainstream birth books. Jo Peer-Haas

Also Available: Opciones para un parto suave

The award winning book, Gentle Birth Choices, by Barbara Harper, in a Spanish edition. Description: Excellent Spanish translation by Laser Press in Mexico City. Photographs by Suzanne Arms. Foreward by Robbie Davis-Floyd. (288 pages)

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Healing Power of Birth

Healing Power of Birth by Rima Beth Star (Texas: Star Publishing, 1986.)

As women we are virtually concerned about the ethics, environment and future of this planet for our children. Therefore, like the Stars, the deeper we can go into ourselves and our origins, the more we can begin to enter social and cosmic realms of understanding. Rima's pioneering efforts in sharing her story will empower other mothers to come forth and explore the spiritual and healing power of birth.

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Inward Journey Outward Bound

Inward Journey Outward Bound, A New Paradigm for Conscious Birthing by Irv Wieder. (Published by Irv Wieder, New Mexico 1999.)

A stunning little book with profound sensitivity and respect for the preconception, prenatal, labor and birth experience. A self published work of art the simple yet exquisitely presented photographs bring back the possibility of a safer, more gentler tomorrow as a result of a softer more conscious prenatal and birth today.

There are a limited number of copies so make sure you don't miss out on this treasure of wisdom and love.

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Labor Pain, A Natural Approach to Easing Delivery

Labor Pain, A Natural Approach to Easing Delivery, By NickyWesson.

A book full of inspiring stories and useful advice ("Wild Yam: Good for Women who are Nervous") for any woman considering a more spiritually pleasing alternative to the soulless hospital delivery room. However, at times author Nicky Wesson makes claims that seem overly optimistic. Not only was her own natural labor a deeper, more satisfying experience, she says, but it was actually less painful than her "hospital births, which involved induction,epidural, laboring flat on my back, forceps, and emergency cesarean section." It is hard to imagine this is true--surely anesthesia must be good for something. Nonetheless, any woman considering home birth will want to consult Wesson's book. (Beliefnet, June 2000)

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Midwifery Today Magazine

Midwifery Today Magazine, "Waterbirth Issue, Summer, 2000, Number 54," by Midwifery Today.

Numerous articles regarding the latest research on waterbirth. "The First Hospital Birthing Pool - Michel Odent," "Waterbirth Basics - Barbara Harper," "Aquadural, Douladural Replace the Epidural, " Judith Halek, "VBAC Waterbirth," and more.

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Mothering Magazine,

Mothering Magazine, "Warm Welcome, A Water Birth Revolution,(Nov/Dec 2000)

by Shelly P. Albini. & "Aqua Baby, Birth At Home In A Tub," by Nicole Lundrigan. Two article's by mothers in Mothering Magazine, Nov/Dec 2000, No. 103. Pgs. 52-58. To order: www.mothering.com

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