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Aqua Erotica: 18 Stories for a Steamy Bath

by Mary Anne Mohanraj, (Three Rivers Press, August 22, 2000.)

Imagine a hot tub party where a married couple tests the boundaries of fidelity. A model who finds herself unaccountably aroused as she poses for a watercolor artist. A pool of water on a desert road and two lovers who know how to make the most of it. This is Aqua Erotica, a sensuous tasting of desire's liquid, ecstatic other worlds. Aqua Eroticais a siren's song, a book so unforgettably sexy that you will want to take it with you to the bath, the sauna, the night-lit pool. The first-ever waterproof book for adults. The most seductive collection of original literary erotica ever gathered under one cover.

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Aqua Yoga

By Carol. Beck; (Drake Publishers, 1976.)

A new, modern approach for those who know, or want to know, the delights of the water and the gentle, easy, health-giving movements of water yoga. The natural stretching and holding movements of hatha yoga bring glowing health and youthful suppleness to your body and peace and serenity to your mind. The exercises contained here have been modified so that most of them can be done in shallow water by swimmers, young and old alike.

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Calm Birth : New Method for Conscious Childbirth (Paperback)

The "trauma of childbirth" is a commonly heard phrase, but one that Calm Birth authoritatively counters. Calm Birth combines three proven practices that together create a powerful new approach. These practices — relaxation,
meditation, and healing — combine with current scientific knowledge to nurture the expectant mother’s natural ability to give birth in true harmony with her body and with her infant.

The book contextualizes the multilayered Calm Birth method within the existing literature of mind/body medicine and meditation science, as well as the meditation traditions from which two of the methods originate. The author complements the thoughts of renowned experts including Carlos Castaneda and Carolyn Myss with eight inspiring case studies of women who have experienced calm births.

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Creatures of Water, Hydrotherapy Textbook

Creatures of Water, Hydrotherapy Textbook, by RJ Nikola, LMT, (Europa Therapeutic, 1998.) (1-800-407-3251, mail order.)

This book is a college level textbook on hydrotheraphy. It covers such subjects as the benefits and properties of water; local and reflex effects; cold, hot and contrast applications; balneology, showers and sprays, mineral water; vapor treatments; body wraps, treating fevers; using herbs; friction treatments and more. This is a comprehensive work dealing not only with commercial hydrotherapy for rehabilitative procedures in clinical settings, but home usage for grass roots treatments on family and friends. This book covers more than is required in most schools on the subject for heath care professionals.

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Healing Springs: The Ultimate Guide to Taking the Waters

Healing Springs: The Ultimate Guide to Taking the Waters, by Nathaniel Altman, (Rochester, VT: Healing Arts Press, 2000.)

The first book to present medical evidence that mineral springs can prevent and cure disease--and to tell you which spas are most effective. More than 200 of the best hot springs and mineral springs in the world and the health conditions best treated at each, with a special emphasis on springs in the U.S. and Canada. Reviews additional healing techniques that best complement bathing in and drinking medicinal waters--such as acupuncture, homeopathy, fasting programs, and fitness training. Includes photos of everything from famous spas to little-known hot springs.

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Healing Waters

Healing Waters, by Linda Troeller (Photographer), Yves Treguer (Introduction), (Aperture Pub. Company, March 1998.)

Healing Waters is a vivid exploration of water therapies all over the world. It is the result of Linda Troeller's personal photographic work of the last decade. The treatments she observes, and with wich she herself experiments, are the subjects of theses sensuous photographs, wich immerse the viewer in a revitalizing process of rebirth and renewal, the ultimate goal of alternative water therapies.

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Healing Waters : The Miraculous Health Benefits

Healing Waters : The Miraculous Health Benefits of Earth's Most Essential Resource, by Lynn Keegan, Gerald Keegan, (Berkley Pub Group, December 1998.)

The authors purpose in writing Healing Waters was to create a useful, affordable book geared to help everyone with some aspect of healing. They wrote this book after having direct personal experience with the restorative power of water. It turned out they were not the only ones; upon beginning research on the topic they discovered many clients, patients, and general folks who related similar experiences. Join them in becoming healthier and happier due to the multiple ways you can use water in self-care. They have personally experienced water's power in prevention and healing and think every reader can too.

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Homo Delphinus, The Dolphin Within Man

Homo Delphinus, The Dolphin Within Man, by Jacques Mayol, Jacques Piccard, Steven Sachs; (Idelson-Gnocchi Publishers, December 1, 1999.)

Jacque Mayol, the man who coined the phrase, "Homo Delphinus," is a sea researcher, a world-famous diver widely acclaimed for his pioneering work in the field of deep breath hold diving and for his historic, record-setting dive of 100 meters (330 feet), during a program of experimental and medical research in deep breath holding divings. Mayol courageously attempst to explain man's affinity for water and the ocean in particular, and shows the similarity of man's "inner-ocean" with tthe primordial ocean. As a visionary man, he develops the validity of the concept fo underwater birth. Is considered to be "The Bible for all breath-hold divers" Bestseller in Italy, France and Japan.

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Hydrotherapy : Water Therapy for Health and Beauty

Hydrotherapy : Water Therapy for Health and Beauty; by Leon Chaitow, (Element; August 1999.)

Drawing on the treasure house of knowledge derived from traditional hydrotherapy, Health Essentials: Hydrotherapy incorporates up-to-date approaches such as the use of aromatherapy oils and other natural substances and reveals the secrets of this cheap, simple and amazingly effective therapy.

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Instinctive Birthing

by Val Clarke

Instinctive Birthing aims to help women rediscover the instincts that can promote a happy pregnancy and a successful delivery, whether at home or in the hospital. Every woman has an "inner voice," which can provide information on the health of her baby, laboring positions, even the right time to push. This instinct is also important when being asked to consider pain-relief options and other medical interventions.

Val Clarke’s lifetime as a midwife has given her the experience to help women recognize and listen to this wise counsel; here, she covers the entire birth process, explaining where instinct has a role to play and why it is usually correct.

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