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A Breech in the System

A new and inspiring documentary about a woman determined to give birth naturally despite contrary advice will be screened next week. A Breech in the System follows the story of Karin Ecker’s first pregnancy and her struggle, both emotionally and logistically, to uncover her choices and stand by them after she was told her baby was breech. Initially wanting a natural birth at the Mullumbimby Birthing Centre, at 37 and a half weeks Karin was informed this would not be possible at this low risk unit as her baby was breech (feet down position, a high risk birth). Referred to Tweed Hospital, Karin was told she would have to deliver via caesarian section at 38 weeks. Determined to carry her baby full term and still hoping for a natural delivery, Karin dug deeper to find an alternative way. (2010)

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A Clear Road To Birth

By Judy Seaman. Overcoming the commonly held fear that birth is inherently dangerous, five women have their babies without a doctor or midwife. The results are spectacular. Two waterbirths are shown, 2000. (57 minutes)

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Aqualight, Introducing Babies to Water

Aqualight introduces an innovative approach to swimming. Developed by Dr Françoise Freedman of Birthlight, drawing on her skills as a swimmer, anthropologist, yoga teacher and birther and inspired by the joy of swimming with her four children. This practice continues to grow and expand as Birthlight teachers continue to research through observation and practice in classes internationally. Birthlight promotes and holistic approach to birth, integrating body, mind and the emotions. (DVD and Video format, PAL, NTSC)

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Birth As We Know It

The film features 11 natural births, including the birth of twins, breech delivery, self-birth (alone), at the Black Sea, in the hospital, and at home. It contains informative, inspirational interviews on birth-related topics that are rarely spoken of such as the sensuality of childbirth, circumcision, limbic imprint and others. You will see a laboring woman surf ecstatic waves of blissfulness as she gives birth to her baby. This DVD has additional features such as "Circumcision," "Exercises,"
“Lotus birth,” “Directors Commentaries, Interviews, - a total of 3 hours 20 minutes.

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Birth Day (with Naoli Vinaver Lopez and Family)

Naoli Vinaver is a native Mexican patera (midwife) who gives birth with only her husband helping. This video is the birth of Tamaya Okumura Vinaver, filmed on location in Xalapa, Mexico in the spring of 1999. It was originally made for the Boston Museum of Science's 'Reproductive Exhibit'. Naoli beautifully narrates her labor, birth and early post-partum. The descriptions of her contracting belly are like poetry, as we watch her pick fresh herbs from her garden, serve lunch and then surrender to her labor in the Japanese-style bath tub. The older children watch and then join their new sister and parents in the tub. This DVD is very powerful in communicating the power and beauty of home waterbirth. (2000, 2007) Available in NTSC and PALand English PAL with German Subtitles. (66 min.)

Also Available: Dia de Nacimiento (2000)

The Spanish Language version of Birth Day.
Filmed on location in Mexico, with Naoli Viniver, Mexican midwife, narrating in her native Spanish. You can't ask for a better translation. Also available in English with German Subtitles.

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Born In the U.S.A., A Documentary About Childbirth In America

By Marcia Jarmal and Ken Schneider. This video explores the landscape of maternity care through the eyes of three caregivers: an obstetrician working at a teaching hospital, a licensed midewife attending home births and a certified nurse-midwife bridging both worlds in an urban, free-standing birth center, 2000. (56 min.)

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Born In The Water, A Sacred Journey

By Andaluz Waterbirth Center. A beautiful collection of seven waterbirths from the Andaluz Waterbirth Center and also including a home waterbirth attended by midwife, Jennifer Gallardo. The Center footage is located in Guatemala and Oregon. Witness women give birth without interventions as they reclaim their power as a bearer of life and bring their children into the world with gentleness and wisdom. (2001)

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Enlightened Pregnancy With Water Birth

This video is a reflection of Dr. Cole's beginning research and implementation of the use of water for labor and birth. Produced by Dr. Ronald L. Cole, MD. Contact number: 281-422-2229, Baytown, Texas, USA. NTSC. (29:52 min.)

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Gentle Birth Choices

This video is based on Barbara Harper's new book, Gentle Birth Choices. The film is a beautiful blend of six actual births (different positions and locations, which include waterbirth, squatting, VBAC, and home birth) and interviews with couples, midwives, and physicians. This exciting video brilliantly demonstrates the power of women during childbirth and exposes the common misbeliefs that many couples and medical practitioners hold about the birth process.

Also Available: Opciones para un parto suave (2000)

The Spanish video version of Gentle Birth Choices.
Actual voice over in Spanish. Professionally done and recorded with native speakers. 47 minutes (1993)

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Homebirth Stories

Three couples share their homebirth stories. They present their deliberations and personal conclusion that homebirth is the most favorable birthing option. The movie shows various choices, including waterbirth, squatting, the use of a birthing stool, and more.

A film about Homebirth and the choice of natural birth. Directed by: Miri Urman, Runtime: 42 minutes, Release year: 2011, Studio: CreateSpace

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