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Marine Mammals

Dolphin Synergy - Photographer Daniel McCulloch

Daniel McCulloch is a freelance underwater & land photographer, including such films as Academy Award winning : DOLPHINS, MINDS IN THE WATER; QUEST FOR THE DOLPHIN SPIRIT; DOLPHINS; FOR THE LOVE OF DOLPHINS.
Interspecies Communications, Inc.

It has been said the environmental crisis is a crisis in human perception, And art has always been a primary tool societies use to transform perceptions. If this connection makes any sense, then clearly, developing an aesthetic dimension to our relations with nature is a crucial task as we prepare our battered world for generations unborn.
Ocean Photos

John Petrak lived and worked on the Motor Yacht "Outrageous Conduct" and was an international award winning photographer. He studied photography in 1978 and casually pursued nature and landscape photography until he began scuba diving in 1992.
Save The Whales

Save the Whales was founded in 1977 when Maris Sidenstecker was 14 years old, and focuses on educating the public, especially children, about marine mammals and the fragile ocean environment.

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CoMadres Institute - Aquatic Prenatal Exercise/Midwifery Services

Women's Mysteries, Empowerment, Sacred Birth, AquaNatal Prenatal Exercise, Water Birth, Water and Traditional Healing and Orgasmic Birth
Francoise Freedman Ph.D

The Birthlight Trust is an educational charity, set up in Cambridge, that over the last 15 years has developed simple practices inspired by Yoga and the parenting style of Amazonian forest people to reach an increasing number of parents, midwives and teachers.
US Swim School Association

United States Swim School Association is an association of quality schools devoted to aquatic education for lifelong saftely, fun and health.
Waterbirth Archives at Gentle Birth.org

Gentlebirth.org is dedicated to providing information that will help families have the best birth possible - a safe, gentle, positive birth experience that supports happy, healthy families.
Waterbirth Page from the UK

Everything you wanted to know about waterbirth resource.
Waterbirth Web Site

The Waterbirth Website provides in-depth information on the use of water for labor, childbirth, and early childhood development. It includes fascinating information from the world's leading waterbirth pioneers, product information on ordering the award-winning WATER BABY video documentary and Waterbirth Providers List.

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Active Birth Center/Janet Balaskas

Janet Balaskas is internationally renowned for pioneering the concept of ‘active birth’ in the late 1970s. The central principle of an active birth, is for the woman to be free to move spontaneously and be led by her body, adopting upright positions during labour and birth. This practice is universal and cross cultural.
Albuquerque Home Birth

We have information about having a safe homebirth - waterbirth, using hypnosis for childbirth, prenatal products, and a competent staff to answer your questions. We also have informative links to other sites in an effort to help you answer all the questions you might have now, throughout your pregnancy, and after your baby is born.
All About Waterbirth and WaterBabies: The Waterbirth Website

The Waterbirth Website provides in-depth information on the use of water for labor, childbirth, and early childhood development. It includes fascinating information from the world's leading waterbirth pioneers, product information on ordering the award-winning WATER BABY video documentary and Waterbirth Providers List, dozens of personal waterbirth stories, a Waterbirth Photo Gallery, and lots more!
American AquaNatal

An enjoyable, safe and effective program for the wellness of women during pregnancy.
Andaluz Waterbirth Center

We are a group of midwives who will serve you during your pregnancy and birth, in our birth centers or your home. We provide continuity of care in a warm and safe environment and have collectively attended over 3,500 births. Call us for a free tour and consultation with a Certified Professional Midwife. Two locations in Oregon, US.
Aqua-Eez Deluxe Hydrotherapy Pools

The founders of Aqua-Eez have over fifty years of experience of sales and product development in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Aquadoula - Portable Tubs & Waterbirth

The AquaDoula is the original heated, portable spa developed specifically for labor and waterbirth. As seen on the Learning Channel's "A Baby Story", the AquaDoula, for years, has helped mothers and babies worldwide experience a gentler birth.
Baby Love Birth Center

Families choose Baby Love Birth Center to give birth to their baby in an atmosphere of privacy, respect, gentleness, and love.
Birth Healing and Beyond - Ronald Cole, MD

The time has come to unite the personal and intuitive aspects of obstetrics with medical science.
Birth Into Being

Resources for Pregnant Women and Midwives to Prepare for Conscious Home Birth, Natural Birth and Water Birth.
Birth Stories - Waterbirth

Welcome to Birth Story Diaries. This site was started as a way to provide real, unedited information about pregnancy and birth to pregnant mothers and couples. The true heart of the site lies in the stories told in pictures in the Birth Stories section.
Birth Without Boundaries

A professional Birth Doula encompasses an ancient art and modern evidence based practice in supporting pregnant women and their partners in pregnancy and childbirth.
BirthPool In A Box Tubs/Water Birth

We aim to provide the most comfortable, convenient and safest birthing pool at a reasonable price.

BirthWorks birthing pools is the most established company in the UK, hiring the widest range of heated birth pools since 1987.
CoMadres Institute - Aquatic Prenatal Exercise/Midwifery Services

Comadres Institute offers Women's Health and Healing Workshops, Internships and Retreats with a focus on Holistic Care and Traditional Midwifery.
Cornelia Eenning

Viele Dinge während der Schwangerschaft, die Geburt und die Zeit danach, lassen sich in Verbindung mit Wasser schöner und angenehmer gestalten. Was das im einzelnen bedeuten kann, finden Sie auf diesen Seiten.
Dolphin Circle Birth Tubs

We have information about having a safe homebirth - waterbirth, using hypnosis for childbirth, prenatal products, and a competent staff to answer your questions.
Essence of Motherhood (Aromatherapy)

Aromatherapy has been found to be greatly therapeutic during this special time, and can be used on a regular basis throughout the childbearing year to ease discomforts, alleviate emotional stress and maintain health and beauty.
Gentle Beginnings

The mission of Gentle Beginnings Birth Center is to provide mothers and infants with a sensitive, safe and cost effective program of care designed in the wellness model of pregnancy and birth.
Gentle Spirit Midwifery - Sakin O'Huru, CNM

Gentle Spirit Midwifery Women's Health Services provides comprehensive quality care in a comfortable private newly renovated setting. Gentle Spirit Midwifery Women's Health Services offers same day appointment availability, limited waiting room time, and adequate appointment-visit sessions.
Gentle Water Birthing Pools

Gentle Water birthing pools for home birth have heaters and filters.
Hado Power with Toyoko Matsuaki

“Hado is the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.” — Dr. Masaru Emoto
Labor of Love Birth Center, 3 Florida Locations

Labor of Love Childbirth Services, Inc., offers many services to women and their families through the childbearing years and beyond.
Lonnie Morris The Childbirth Center - NJ

Welcome to the Childbirth and Women’s Wellness Center where we listen to women and help protect their right to a natural birth experience.
Made in Water (Tubs and other water birth contacts)

Combining style, comfort and privacy with optimum practicality, La Bassine is the best selling birthing pool worldwide.
Monadnock Birth Center, NH

Welcome to the Monadnock Birth Center...Home Sweet Home-Away-From-Home for Your Birth!

Do you want to welome your baby into the world in a gentler way? Studies show that planned home birth is as safe or safer than a hospital birth for low-risk women.
National Association of Childbearing Centers

The American Association of Birth Centers, nation's most comprehensive resource on birth centers, is a multi-disciplinary membership organization comprised of individuals and organizations who support the birth center concept
Ollie Anne Hamilton - Tub Purchase

Welcome to your source for Midwifery Supplies. I will strive to serve your unique needs, I can do this as I have been a midwife for over 20 yrs.
Order Waterbirth Guidelines: United Kingdom

Order the Midwifery Guidelines for the Use of Water in Labour 2nd Edition.
Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond: Tubs and More!

Our website is an up to date and extensive source of information and support for pregnancy, birth and parenting.
Puget Sound Birth Center

At PSMBC, we are committed to providing excellent midwifery care to our clients throughout the course of your pregnancy, labor and beyond.
RCOG Guidelines for Waterbirth (July 2000)

Both the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Royal College of Midwives support labouring in water for healthy women with uncomplicated pregnancies.
Sacred Entrance Midwifery - Los Angeles

We offer comprehensive, holistic and compassionate maternity care in an environment that honors the sanctity of birth, thus allowing the instinctual parental- infant bonding that sets the foundation for health and human potential.
Sheila Kitzinger's Website

Here you can explore aspects of birth, drawing on things that Sheila has learned from women around the world and her research as a social anthropologist into women's experiences of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.
The Good Birth Company

The Good Birth Company is the designer & manufacturer of the Birth Pool in a Box product range: inflatable birthing pools designed with the help of mothers and midwives.
True Blue Therapy

Our mission is to empower families to practice the ancient art of nurturing natural pregnancies, to support the art of birthing and parenting, and to provide resources linked to or rooted in natural therapies and traditions such as using massages, herbs, preconception health awareness, prenatal yoga practices, hypno-birthing, home births (and water births), and midwifery health care.
Welcome to the World Of Water, Hado with Dr. Emoto

A world of which every living entity shares a part, and yet about which we know significantly little...
Your Water Birth (Tub Purchase)

To help women have the ultimate waterbirth experience, we sell only high quality Water Birth Pools and Water Birth Systems. Our Midwifery Supplies and Home Birth Kits are suitable for use by midwives, hospitals and birthing families.
Contact Judith  212-222-4349   NYC, NY
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