•  LABOR SUPPORT DOULA (25+ years experience, attended over 1,000 births):

  • Is a “labor specialist,” supporting a mother and her partner during pregnancy, labor and birth. Labor doulas advocate information between the couple and the medical caregivers. Statistics have proven the assistance of a labor doula:

    An analysis of 12 clinical studies* on the effects of uninterrupted labor support, such as a doula provides, identified the following improvements over births that lacked continuous support:
    •51% reduction in cesarean births;
    •25% reduction in labor length (average of 98 minutes);
    •35% reduction in analgesia;
    •71% reduction in oxytocin augmentation; and
    •57% reduction in use of forceps/vacuum.
    Continuous labor support benefits mother and baby. Mothers who have labored in the presence of a doula report:
    •greater satisfaction with childbirth;
    •more positive assessments of their babies;
    •less postpartum depression; and
    •increased self-esteem.
    Their babies:
    •have shorter hospital stays;
    •are less likely to be admitted to special-care nurseries;
    •breastfeed more easily; and
    •receive more affection from their mothers postpartum

    Taken from Article: Childbirth Education and Doula Care During Times of Stress, Trauma and Grieving, by Debra Pascali-Bonara, Bed, CD(DONA), A Lamaze Interenational Publication, Jperinat Educ. 2003 Fall:12(4): 1-7, copyright 2003.


    • An initial interview to get to know each other and answer questions regarding the doula services ($50 fee to cover my meeting you. If we work together, that $50 will go toward the total fee.) If clients live out of town (NYC) interview will be at Birth Balance home office. Includes an envelope of product samples and articles.
    • A Letter of Agreement signed along with the full Doula fee. (Unless other arrangements have been made.) Payment is requested in full before the labor/birth.
    • A commitment of five weeks “on call” for labor, pre/postal-natal telephone counseling. (3 weeks before estimated due date and 2 weeks after the date.)(Unless a home birth situation where the on call post dates could go longer than 2 weeks.)
    • Check in calls after every pre-natal meeting with your medical caregiver.
    • Numerous email contacts with latest workshops, counsel, resources, support, birth plan development or answering questions during pregnancy.
    • (SKYPE or telephone DreamBirth™ Imagery for pregnancy, childbirth, post partum exercises.) 2-4 sessions.
    • 1 or 2 prenatal meetings, which will cover: an extensive package with various forms, history intake and discussion, birth plan development and DreamBirth™ Imagery exercises.
    • Early labor telephone coaching
    • Go to home before transferring to hospital or birth center if time permits.
    • Physical, emotional and spiritual participation during active labor, in the home, birth center or hospital.
    • Stay with clients until in post-partum room.
    • Telephone assistance after the birth.
    • One post-partum visit to review the labor and birth outcomes at clients home.


    Pre/Post massage, childbirth educator, natural breech versions, natural inductions, tub rental, placenta encapsulation and tinctures, DreamBirth™ Imagery, Calm Birth, aromatherapist, herbalist, pregnancy/labor/birth photographer, east coast waterbirth resource center, 25+ years experience and over 1,000 births in attendance.


  • Placenta increases milk production, reduces pain, increases healing, alters and balances hormone levels, counteracts post-partum depression, supports energy levels, lessens post-partum bleeding, curbs baby blues and has been known to cure a child’s blood disease. Services include: prepared within the first week of birth in Birth Balance’s office,125-200+ capsules, placenta print, cord preservation in a medicine bag, numerous articles and a baby’s gift. Additional service includes a lifetime herbal/homeopathic remedy from the placenta. Tincture takes six+ weeks to prepare. We then meet in person to go over the details of how to incorporate and continue to make the herbal and homeopathic tinctures from the Mother Tincture. Herbal tincture includes a dropper bottle and homeopathic tincture includes a dropper and spray bottle for travel.


  • Massage helps to reduce stress, edema, lower blood pressure and in some cases assist to bring on labor if one is past their due date. Aromatherapy, organic creams and DreamBirth™ Imagery can be utilized to help de-stress, prepare for labor or heal after a birth. Treatments are an hour and a half with hands on and give yourself a 2-hour window for the visit. A pregnancy table is used or body support system for pregnancy. Visits can be in the privacy of your home or in my office. Different fees apply.


  • We discuss practitioners and facilities available in the New York and New Jersey area that support water immersion or birth in homes, hospitals or birth centers. This could include specific information on water birth caregivers and facilities as well as resources and information regarding differences between labor support doulas, post-partum doulas and baby nurses. The discussion can be orchestrated according to the couples needs. Sessions run from one hour to an hour and a half to two hours in my office.


  • 1. “Pool In A Box” or 2. LaBassine Tub plus accoutrements.
    Includes pumps/hose/liner plus more, 5-week rental fee. $25/week beyond 5 weeks. A 45 minute tutorial explaining how to set up/clean/take down pool, plus valuable tips and suggestions and short cuts you will only hear from Judith, is provided with the rental fee. Couple will pick up and drop off the pool at the designated area where the tutorial will take place. There is a letter of agreement to fill out in order to reserve a tub: Preview pools at:


  • This is an extensive, detailed, two hour treatment utilizing stimulation of acupuncture points with fingers and moxibustion, experiencing various inverted postures, homeopathy, counseling regarding the stressors you are going through and DreamBirth™ Imagery to assist the baby to turn or start labor with natural remedies. Partners are welcome to attend the sessions and learn the techniques and assist the mothers at home. A package of articles on breech presentation as well as materials to work with at home will be given to you at the end of the session. We will discuss the ‘optimal fetal position‘ and you will receive an extensive article that will help you know where your baby is positioned.


  • If busy schedules do not permit a couple to attend group classes over a period of weeks, this is a perfect alternative to acquire the skills and knowledge to prepare for labor and birth. In the privacy of your home or my office we spend 2 days: 2.5 hours, discussing the ‘nuts and bolts of childbirth’ from alternative to allopathic approaches. There is an extensive folder of information and articles. We will cover, coping strategies, terminology, alternatives and allopathic approaches to labor including the benefits and deficits of each approach. A ‘loaning library’ of labor/birth films is available for your usage.


  • Through Calm Birth and DreamBirth™ Imagery Exercises for Childbirth, short term counseling for mother and/or partner, preparing for labor, birth and parenting. Get in touch with fears, blockages and utilizing concrete tools to move through the process with ease, clarity and empowerment. Supportive tools include: Body Centered Hypnosis, Calm Birth and DreamBirth™ Imagery Methods. Sessions can be done in person, on the phone or through SKYPE. 45 min to 1.5 hour sessions.


  • Secure time with your baby inside or outside with memorable moments, that last a lifetime. Clothed, nudes or semi-nudes, in the privacy of your home or in my studio. Weather permitting, pregnancy or post-natal outdoors photo’s blend well with nature. The session includes digital low resolution photographs: approximately 200-300 on a CD, colored proof sheets, +3 (8 X 10) black/white, color or sepia digital prints or one larger print. Details will be discussed with regards to your choice. There will be an additional $100 for travel outside NYC.


  • Having a baby is a once in a lifetime miracle. Secure this experience with labor and birth photographs to share with your child as he/she grows. The photographer is on call three weeks before the estimated due date and two weeks after due date (longer if it is a home birth). There is a meeting to sign a ‘Letter of Agreement’ firming up details before the birth and a meeting after the birth to preview the photographs and discuss the package. The photographer owns the negatives and legally cannot do anything with them without the permission of the parents. Included are approximately 300-400 digital prints, a low resolution CD, a color contact sheet including all the photographs and +5 (8 X 10) black/white, color or sepia digital prints. Parents agree to cover the cost of transportation out of New York City during the labor and birth.


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