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  • A Small Story with A Big Meaning, By Gill, Midwife
    Water Birth with a Midwife
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  • Blessings, A Birth in Zambia
    First time mother is helped through labor
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  • Claire's Waterbirth
    A Small Story With A Big Meaning
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  • Footling Breech Birth, Attended by Two Midwives

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  • Giving Birth in Auroville
    At the age of twenty-nine, Hilde came to Auroville from Belgium in 1977 and has delivered numerous Auroville babies since then, more often than not single-handedly.
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  • How to Make a Portable Waterbirth Tub
    by Melanie Moore, Midwife
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  • Joy's Waterbirth Story
    Mysterious, Miraculous, Climactic Event - Birth
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  • Shirley M. Nurse-Midwife
    My Favorite Waterbirth Story
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  • Waterbirth
    A Story and Information, Waterbirths in Hospitals
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