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Judith Halek, 26 years Waterbirth Expert, assisted the FIRST underwater birth at home with a midwife present in NYC in1987. Sit with Judith for an hour or so as she goes through the rental packet in a personal tutorial giving expert advice and helpful tips on how to set up the tub for a 'dry run', the 'actual labor and birth' and the 'clean up.' She will also give you handouts, articles and go through each piece in the tub rental package with precision answering any questions you might have.

Water Birth Rental Tub #1



Birth Pool in a Box (liner/hose included)

ONLY rentable in the New York City area. If you are interested and would like further information or conversation about this tub, please call: 212-222-4349.

Eco-friendly, PVC inflatable pool, Birth Pool in a Box is the only FDA approved inflatable waterbirth tub.  Made of non’-toxic material without banned phthalate chemicals. The Birth Pool in a Box includes a seat, and has been designed for strength and comfort. The unique design provides room for both the laboring mom and a support person. The double-reinforced handles located in three different locations allows birthing and laboring mothers to be comfortable and safe while in the pool. Developed for personal and home use, it is both economical as well as eco friendly and extremely easy to set up and use.

Tub Dimensions for Birth Pool in a Box, Regular:

Shape: Ellipsoid (Egg)
External max dimensions: 76 x 65" 193 x 165cm
Internal max dimensions: 56 x 45" 142 x 114cm
Internal depth: 26" 66cm
Maximum Water Depth: 22" (55 cm)
Rim width: 10" 25cm
Built-in seat: Yes
Disposable liner: 1 included
Internal Seat: Yes
Handles on Outside: 4
Handles on Top: 2
Max suggested height of mother: 6'0" 182cm
Water Capacity - 80%: full 172 gallons 650 liters
Water Capacity - 90%: full 193 gallons 730 liters
Weight when filled (add weight of mother): 1433 lbs 650kg
Unfilled Weight: 14.3 lbs 6.5 kg
Pool Material: Pool: 0.38mm PVC Form-fitted disposable liner material: 0.20mm PVC

  • Before you pick up the rented tub it is necessary that you print out and sign the Rental Agreement. To insure the rental of the tub, you must pay a $175 non-refundable deposit.

Already paid the deposit?
If you have already paid the deposit please enter the code you received and press Submit for more detailed instructions regarding the use of the tub:

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Photo of the Tub
Photo of the Tub Photo of the Tub
Photo of the Tub Photo of the Tub


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