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Advantages for Mother

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Safer, more effective and economical than an epidural

Waterbirth coined as an "aquadural" or "wetepidural"

Pain significantly reduced by blocking nerve impulses of pain to the brain known as the Gate Theory of Pain

Study in Canada; 100% women who birthed in water use no pain medication

Less use of analgesics and anesthesia

Fewer birth canal injuries, vagina, perineum and vulva

Reduction of labor length

Reduction of episiotomies and painful stitching, water relaxes the pelvic floor muscles

Decreases maternal hypertension, high blood pressure

Increases maternal connection over labor and birth environment

Increases maternal autonomy

Greater mobility for maternal positioning during labor and birth

Conservation of maternal energy

Better focus and concentration in water

Less blood loss during the birth

Deeper relaxation resulting in hormones kicking in

Less pressure on the abdomen because of the buoyancy promoting more efficient contractions, better blood circulation, more oxygen to baby and mother, equal pressure on all parts of the woman's body.

Helps to relieve anxiety and promote focusing inward, as labor becomes more intense

Moist air assist better breathing for mother specifically if asthmatic

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