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National Healthy Birth Guide

The National Guide to a Healthy Birth

Birth Balance has 2 photographs included in The National Healthy Birth Guide of 2008/2009. The Guide was included in the ‘Business of Being Born’ DVD. The brochure is produced by Choices In Childbirth, NYC.

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The New York Guide to a Healthy Birth

NY Healthy Guide No.3 2008/09, put out by Choices in Childbirth of NYC, has included 4 breathtaking photographs by Birth Balance in their annual guide.

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The Mother

The Mother

Birth Balance splashed the cover of The Mother Magazine, Issue twenty-eight, May/June 2008.  It is published in the UK.

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Home Delivery - 2007

Birth Balance debuts 3 photographs in this film directed by Christine Tournadre.

In New York, cutting edge of modern progress and technology, three women decide to give birth at home, with only a midwife by their side. Soon to be shown on the RTBF. Documentary: 58 minutes and 70 minutes, Produced by Speakeasy Docs (New York), co-produced by Eklektik Productions.

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Lamaze International

"I love the fact that the web has brought a lot of users showing off their own content and thoughts. Take all the great blogs out there and now YouTube. While there is certainly enough stuff I don't care to watch and too many things to see it all. I absolutely fell in love with this one!" Robin, Birth Activist.

Preview Birth Balance Photography protraying the sequence of a natural labor and birth in water, edited into a short Lamaze International, Childbirth Education Commercial.

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Orgasmic Birth Documentary

Birth Balance has 19 photographs presented in this documentary coming out in 2008.

Joyous, sensuous, revolutionary: Orgasmic Birth captures stunning moments of women riding waves of pleasure in the ecstatic release of childbirth. Orgasmic Birth is a documentary that examines the intimate nature of birth and the powerful role it plays in women's lives when they are permitted to experience it.

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Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth (Paperback)
by Boston Women's Health Book Collective.

Birth Balance has 5 photographs featured in the latest book on pregnancy and birth. Copyright, 2008, pgs. 93, 195, 251, 285.

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Compleat Mother

Birth Balance's full page photo accompanies article "Baby Wearing Grandma," Winter '06-07, Number 84, Pg. 41.

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Calm Birth
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Calm Birth

Judith Halek has been photographing various Calm Birth Trainings and Orientations throughout the United States. Calm Birth is based on meditation and the best principles of established psychosomatic medicine. It compassionately guides mothers-to-be and new mothers through carefully structured relaxation and meditation practices. An empowering alternative to the "medicalization of birth," with techniques that liberate women to channel their innate wisdom into welcoming their newborn child in a truly life affirming way.

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The Gentle Birth Congress

Judith Elaine Halek photographed The Gentle Birth Congress in Portland, Oregon, September 27-30, 2007.

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Judith Halek was one of the featured photographers at the Congress.

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