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Mother's Milk

Mother's Milk

Judith Halek's photography
graces the cover of the December 2004 issue of
Mother's Milk Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 6. It is an issue featuring stories on Water birth.

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Sharing Midwifery Knowledge

Tricks of the Trade

Judith Halek's photographs and article, “The AquaDural and the DoulaDural Replace the Epidural,” are featured in the following Tricks of the Trade series: (November 2004).

Sharing Midwifery Knowledge, Vol. 4 of the popular Tricks of the Trade series by Midwifery Today, is a helpful blend of long articles and short tricks gives you ideas and techniques to help babies and mothers at the births you attend.

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Elizabeth Bing
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Elizabeth Bing's Birthday Party

The Elizabeth Bing New York City Chapter Lamaze International hosted a celebration on Monday, June 21, 2004 at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel for, Elizabeth Bing's 90th Birthday. Ms. Bing was instrumental in bringing Lamaze Education to the United States. Sponsors for the event were, I Village Parenting Network, Lamaze International and Maternity Center Association.

Judith Halek was the official photographer
for the event.

Mavi Yasam

Mavi Yasm, a prestigious Turkish Magazine, April 2004, featured pregnancy photographs by Birth Balance along with interview regarding international water birth issues.

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For Crying Outloud

For Crying Out Loud

Judith Halek features 14 photographs
in the 2003 Annual Report for Maternity Center Association, "For Crying Out Loud."

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Woman to Woman
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Woman To Woman

Judith Halek's birth photography and birth video is featured in Womean to Woman, a doula documentary by Amikole Maraesa.

Based out of New York City, this is a documentary that offers a portrayal of the mainstream medicalized American birth model and the rise of the doula profession that seeks to counter what doulas believe to be the ill effects of he overuse of medical technology.

Color, VHS, 26 minutes, Copyright 2003.

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Prenatal Massage Center
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Prenatal Massage Center

Judith Elaine Halek photographed Anne Heckheimer's for her website on pregnancy and massage in 2004. Anne is located in New York City.

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DONA, Doula's of North America, is featuring one of Judith's colored photographs, "Swaddled Infant," on their latest TOTE bags.

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Crain's New York Business Magazine
September 1, 2003.

Judith Halek's cover photograph on the Feature story "Hospital centers go after birth right DOIN' WHAT COMES NATUR'LLY." Doula Judith Halek of Birth Balance, with client Arlene Kriv, worries that mothers are at the mercy of bureaucracies as birthing services shift to hospitals.

Birth Balance Photography

International Doula

Birth Balancce Photography debuts the first color cover of International Doula, the Quarterly Publication of DONA, Doula’s of North America,
Volume 11, Issue 1, Winter 2003.

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