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Doulas "Listen with the ear of your Heart." - San Benedicto

A special, detail oriented self-published book by Mary Sommers. An informational/instructional/picture booklet by the Doula/Community Midwives. Spanish and English editions available.

31 Birth Balance photographs fill this gem of stories, tidbits and information not found anyplace else.

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This little life-saver for every parent is graced with 7 Birth Balance photographs.

CALMS offers a 5-step process which parents can use to maintain composure during the inevitable stresses and strains encountered in the first weeks of parenting after the birth.

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DONA, Doulas of North America, is utilizing 11 of Birth Balance's photographs for their banners at the 2007-2008 International Conferences.

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Alternate Births
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Alternative Birth

Birth Balance photographs will be previewed on the website for "Alternative Birth," a site which offers a voice for movement.

They were looking for submissions for the following book: The Alternative Birth Anthology. This is an upcoming book which showcases individual voices in the alternative birth movement. The book will provide a forum for parents, doulas, midwives, childbirth educators, and activists who are part of the global grassroots effort to promote holistic, family-centered pregnancy and childbirth practices around the world.

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The Gates

"The Gates" is the largest artwork since the Sphinx. The artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude's installation of 7,500 gates in Central Park ran from Feb. 12 to 27, 2005. "The Gates," were festooned with saffron-colored fabric panels and lined 23 miles of pedestrian paths. Judith Halek Photographed 6 pregnant women, with the glorious background of "The Gates."

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Time Out

Time Out

Time Out magazine displayed Birth Balance's photograph of a pregnant woman getting a massage by therapist, Anne Heckheimer in March 2005.

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Motherbaby International Film Festival

Birth Balance debuts her photography with the announcement regarding the Motherbaby International Film Festival.

Those interested in submitting photographs to the festival should do so by Sept. 1, 2007.

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A Pregnancy Book
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A "Pregnancy Book" for your loved one.

Through the poetry of photography treat yourself and your partner to photographs of your pregnancy for Valentines Day, an Anniversary, Birthday, or just for fun!

Call Judith Halek and Birth Balance to help you fulfill your Book.

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Aquadoula Birthing Tubs
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Luna's Aquadoula Birthing Tubs

A Birth Balance Photograph is gracing the
postcard of Luna's Aquadoula Birthing Tubs.

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