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Waterbirth Latest Articles and Protocols

Feel free to download and use these articles, protocols, literature reviews and bibliography. The * in front of the articles and protocols have been furnished by Waterbirth International. Please credit accordingly.

Protocols have been developed as "Guidelines," which change from time to time.

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Laboring in Water Helpful for Dystocia
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Waterbirths and Tearing
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Question of the Quarter: What is your favorite waterbirth story?

What I Learned from the First Hospital Birthing Pool - by Michel Odent, M.D.

A Landmark in the History of Birthing Pools - by Michel Odent, MD.

A Midwife's Perspective: Labor and Birth in the Water - by Jill Cohen

How to Make a Portable Waterbirth Tub - by Melanie Moore

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Cochrane Reviews, Immersion in water in pregnancy, labour and birth Brief Summary: Reviewers' conclusions: There is evidence that water immersion during the first stage of labour reduces the use of analgesia and reported maternal pain, without adverse outcomes on labour duration, operative delivery or neonatal outcomes. The effects of immersion in water during pregnancy or in the third stage are unclear. One trial explores birth in water, but is too small to determine the outcomes for women or neonates.

To Order Waterbirth Guidelines: United Kingdom

An International Collaboration: Water Immersion During Labor and Birth

Waterbirths: A Comparative Study
A Prospective Study on More than 2,000 Waterbirths
Verena Geissbühler, Jakob Eberhard

Perinatal mortality and Morbidity Among Babies Delivered in Water: Surveillance Study and Postal Survey. Ruthe E. Gilbert & Pat Tookey

Randomised controlled trial of labouring in water compared with standard of augmentation for management of dystocia in first stage of labour
Elizabeth R Cluett, Ruth M Pickering, senior lecturer in medical , Kathryn Getliffe,Nigel James St George Saunders

The Waterbirth Debate Up-To-Date Sheila Kitzinger's letter from Europe
Birth Issues in Perinatal Care Sept 2000

Latest News on Waterbirth with Sheila Kitzinger


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